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Managing fleas and ticks on dogs, the Hope2K9 Foundation way.

Friends, we know the fears you face when it comes to parasite control for your pets… let alone the cleanliness and convenience arguments, because these pests are in fact nasty to happen upon in your home. The media tells you fleas and ticks can kill, so you’re a “responsible owner” if you get ahead of […]

Responsibility educates.

Hey friend, we have to talk about why you should keep your dog. (And for those of you who never considered an alternative, perhaps this message runs deeper yet… hang with me.) I know we always try to say things in a way that will be more comfortable or “supportive,” but screw that. You should keep your […]

An Inspired Vision for Dog Rescue Fosters and Volunteers.

Hope2K9 Rescue friends, It is our absolute pleasure to be bringing you and our Home2K9 readers some occasional writings from one of our most treasured clients over at Home2K9 Dog Training; Linda and her pup, Nigel, have been paying it forward in a very big way since learning THE secrets to creating a better relationship, […]