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Welcome to Hope2K9 Rescue

We are a California-based, all breed dog rescue, turning displaced, unadoptable, or differently abled dogs into diamonds in the rough.

Dogs available for adoption through our rescue have been fully trained for obedience and manners, both on and off leash, and require kickass adopters who will not only be committed to maintaining that training, but enhancing it. Hope2K9 Rescue is an extension of Home2K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation, where we work with dogs of all breeds, ages, and with all manor of behavior issues. Many of the dogs who come through our program are truly awesome family pets, just waiting for direction, leadership, stability, and structure.

Our adoptable dogs have been enrolled in a minimum three week board and train program, they have been evaluated with other dogs, children, small animals, car rides, city life, and much more. By adopting a fully trained dog from Hope2K9 Rescue, you ensure a lifetime of success with your new companion, thanks to the shared language and tools we are able to impart before your new companion comes home.


Training By:

Our Adoptable Dogs

Hope2K9 adoptable dogs come from all sorts of backgrounds; often surrendered due to behavior issues, but then transformed into the best possible versions of themselves after completing our training program. Our program consists of basic obedience foundation, state of mind training to emphasize the dog’s ability to be calm on command and make good default choices, as well as basic manners training (no jumping on people, rushing doorways, stealing food, barking at guests, begging, whining, etc.).

We use remote collar training as a first choice training tool, which repeatedly supports our nervous or insecure dogs in gaining confidence and clarity, while also resolving attitudinal issues present in the headstrong or entitled dogs who seeks to engage only when they want to. Nothing worse than your dog suddenly becoming deaf to your call when you’re in the middle of a park and it’s time to head home!

Occasionally we will receive a dog in for adoption that was previously trained for one of our Home2K9 Dog Training clients, but the owner is no longer able to care for their dog, and wants to know it will be placed somewhere with adequate training to honor the dog’s skills. This is an amazing opportunity for some lucky adopter, since so much about this available dog is already known. Unlike adopting from a shelter, with the known history and comprehensive training in place, we can empower you to speak the same language as you get to know your new dog. We are committed to helping you provide clear leadership and advocacy, and truly experience freedom and peace of mind with your rescued companion.

If you are interested in adopting one of our currently available dogs,  you’ll want to review the detailed adoption process HERE.

What to Expect

Each of our adoptable dogs is features on our Facebook page, with a dedicated album and bio to share with you what we know about them as they move through their training program. We endeavor to post YouTube videos of the available dogs as well, so look in their albums for these links, or check out the YouTube channel directly.

Note: We do not schedule meet and greets without an adoption application on file first. No exceptions. 

If you are in need of finding a new home for your dog, and wish to connect with Hope2K9 about our ability to receive your dog in to our rescue programs, please see the detailed instructions on our surrender process HERE.